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Skills assessment

HR Advisory accompanies all kind of profiles – whether in a professional or private context, during career transition periods when losing a job – voluntary or involuntary, or during professional reconversion.

The Outplacement service is tailored to facilitate one or more employees re-entering the employment market by finding positions fitting their personality, motivations or professional know-how.

A facilitator of career transitions, the Outplacement service is based on skills assessment to define a suitable professional project for you.

What is an Outplacement service?

The Outplacement service is a structured process, delivered by experienced and dedicated consultants to one or more people, to facilitate their return to employment. It can be for a similar job, setting up a new business or for a change of career path.
Whether it is a voluntary or involuntary job loss, or a professional reconversion, we accompany all kind of profiles during career transition periods in order to serenely approach these stages of professional life.

Individual, group, private or professional

Our Outplacement service for individuals or groups is designed through formulas but with a single objective: to provide support for finding a position that corresponds to the personality, the motivations and the professional know-how.

Possible combinations:

What is an Outplacement program?

A professional and personal assessment is organised by our consultants, which includes a skills assessment and a definition of the professional project. The person is advised in his or her search strategy and is supported psychologically during the different phases of the job search.

Logistical support is also offered if necessary, in terms of IT equipment, such as computers, printers, etc.

Each person benefits from a structured method as well as tailor-made coaching sessions adapted to the specific needs of the person.
The program is sequenced according to a rhythm defined with the consultant in order to maintain a positive dynamic.

An Outplacement program, for who?

An outplacement program is designed to respond to a temporal problem with the aim of facilitating the return to employment.

This type of program is designed for:

Our Method

hr_pictos_Carrer path

Step 1

Change management and reflection on the career path

Step 2

Know yourself

Step 3

CV and interview preparation

Step 4

Guidance in job search

Step 5

Employment contract and starting a new position

Our solutions

Face to face

The Outplacement program takes place in our offices. The face-to-face sessions are organised with a dedicated consultant, who will be the main coach.

100% online

An interactive and online version of the outplacement program is also proposed in order to save time, transport, energy and thus keep a fast, pragmatic and green approach.

Career Transition

A career transition can occur while you are already in the position. It is the result of a quest for meaning or search for happiness, an introspective analysis and a desire to focus on what really fulfills or motivates you.

Considering another job, a professional reconversion or seeking professional advice to approach a career transition requires good self-knowledge and understanding of one’s professional aspirations and wishes to consider one’s employability and chances of success.

In this context, our qualified consultants help individuals re-enter the employment market or re-orient their careers thanks to a tailor-made approach.

A dedicated program can be set up to refine the professional project.
Our consultants are available for a first and confidential discussion.