Career booster - Coaching

HR Advisory supports Managers in all steps of their career development. Private sessions are designed for specific professional objectives aiming to achieve career goals and maximise professional efficiency.

Coaching of Managers (DISC® – MBTI® – OPQ®)

Coaching of Managers is a program that is part of Personal Development. Proposed by the employer or at the request of the supposed Manager, this program helps to find adequate solutions to the encountered problems.

As a real support to personal development, Coaching sessions facilitate self-knowledge, thanks to the understanding of one’s personality profile, by improving one’s leadership, the impact of communication and by increasing one’s personal productivity:

  • Team management: empower your teams and make explicit your expectations
  • Management style for remote team
  • Manage employees' search for meaning
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership development, emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication
  • The 100 first days
  • Giving feedback to your employee

Our Method

Phase 1


  • Personal interview and understanding of the situation/context
  • Set up of concrete objectives and development plan that mentions behavioural goals, steps to be taken, commitments by both parties and time frame definition
  • Definition of the coaching duration

Phase 2


  • Personality test (DISC® – MBTI® – OPQ® tools)
  • Scheduled regular coaching sessions (frequency is defined in phase 1) + phone conference for an efficient follow-up
  • Clear and regular feedback is given to raise awareness of professional development needs

Phase 3

Follow-up and closing

  • Monthly meeting to review and reinforce
  • Create and implement closure sequence
  • Final briefing

Our solutions

Face to face

Our Coaching for Managers and Skills Assessment programs take place in our offices. The face-to-face sessions are organised with a dedicated consultant, who will be the main coach.

100% online

An interactive and online version of the our Coaching for Managers and Skills Assessment programs is proposed in order to save time, transport, energy and thus keep a fast, pragmatic and green approach.

Skills Assessment

Skills assessments evaluate career progress, analyse the current and ongoing professional competencies, identify and deepen intrinsic and extrinsic aptitudes and motivations.

The skills assessment enables the definition of a professional project and can lead to a training plan.

Carried out during or outside working hours, the skills assessment includes a dedicated time volume, organised in the form of 3 successive cycles during which several themes are addressed:

Cycle 1

Skills and career assessment

  • Self-portrait and reflection on the personal image
  • Reflection on the career path
  • Personal and professional priorities analysis
  • Professional achievements analysis -> strengths and weaknesses
  • Personality questionnaire (D.I.S.C., OPQ or MBTI) et debriefing

Cycle 2

Definition of professional objectives

  • Identification of existing professional competences
  • Identification of professional expectations and motivations
  • Identification of the professional objectives
  • Action plan

Cycle 3

Career coaching
(for internal or external opportunities)

  • Support on writing an efficient résumé
  • Interview preparation (including simulation of interviews)
  • Career path perspectives